About my Blog

Hi all!

I am a 4th year student at Trent University. This blog is for a Indigenous Fiction class. Within my blog I will deal with many indigenous fiction works, and the male and female roles that the characters play, and the dynamics between males and females within the works we study in our course. These male and female roles and dynamics will be compared to male and female roles and dynamics within the western society, and how the western society effects indigenous societies will be discussed.

I am a female, non-native student, who has been raised in a western society, and therefore this will be the lens through which I view all of the works and differences between the two cultures in terms of sexuality and the different sex’s roles. I will be comparing only western society to indigenous societies talked about in the texts. These are the two cultures I will be referring to within my posts, as to not lead to confusion. When I say ‘them’ or ‘their culture’, I am referring to indigenous culture, and when I say ‘I’ or ‘we’, I am referring to my own, western culture.


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